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What's New?

What's New?


20 April 2013 - Updated the stories page! Now, it's a comprehensive alphabetized list and the stories link to my Ff.net account so you can leave your review there. The subdomain "Stories" has been unpublished. Only my Ff.net stories are available for viewing. Now, I'm in the process of designing the front page and the art gallery.

9 April 2013 - Closed down evil-overlady.com. It was getting to be too expensive to maintain. Now, currently giving this site a makeover. Comments welcome!
5 September 2005 - Working on a new, ads-free site (evil-overlady.com), if you're interested in coming by and leaving a comment...

I'll keep you posted on its progress.

8 July 2005 - Good news! I bought a computer and Internet hook-up. Now, I can spend more time editing my homepage and stories. Would rather recover a little financially before considering a scanner. ; ) As always, don't be afraid to email me with your own plot ideas you'd like to see written. evil_overlady@excite.com


22 June 2005 - I've been really busy lately. Minor updates. Added a link to anime lyrics (.com) and deleted the old Firefly one (but I still love the show!). My email addy is still up to date, and I'm sorting through story ideas. If you'd like to add any, feel free to drop a line! ...But I won't be updating pictures, just stories. I've moved and no longer have a scanner... For those who still do, thank you for visiting my site and reviewing my stories. :) May your Muse be With You!
10 February 2005 - Inspired by some episodes of Forever Knight, I'm revisiting the Wheels and Wings universe. Ideas welcome!
27 November 2004 - Happy Thanksgiving! ...It's been a while since I've been back here, huh? I edited Dark Magic Rising for those of you who would like to check it out! ...I'm also working on editing Defender of the Child, and I might even get around to a NightWalker story if I can come up with a good idea. Anyone have one?
4 April 2004 - Nothing new; just letting you know I'm slowly getting back time on the Internet. It's been about 4 1/2 months, eh? I'm reading everyone's comments, and - aside from a few ones - they are wonderful reading. Thank you so much for voting on the polls and voicing your opinions. It'll take me a while more, but with any luck I'll be able to get back into the swing of writing and drawing. Here's to a belated happy new year!
13 December 2003 - Important Notice:
I'm stepping aside from writing and drawing for the time being. This site will remain active; I just won't be updating it for a looong while. Do vote and do email me with any story ideas and writing or drawing FAQs or any other site suggestions you might have. Just remember it might take me several days or so to get back to ya. Don't panic if you don't hear from me. My life's just very busy right now.
I wish you all happy holidays and a safe new year! And I'll see you sometime next year, with any luck. :)
Love and hope (and lots of evil henchmen...),
-Evil Overlady
10 December 2003 - New pictures!
3 December 2003 - New NightWalker! "Beginnings."
19 November 2003 - Added a new fanfiction! NightWalker: Split Decision.
17 November 2003 - Added some new links, NightWalker and Birdy the Mighty. Two animes you've just gotta see. :) Now, I'm revising an original story. If someone happens to come up with a story idea, feel free to send me an email.
21 October 2003 - I have the stories divided into categories. :)
8 October 2003 - Added my new Vampire Hunter D story!
29 September 2003 - Added a new Yu-Gi-Oh story! Currently working on typing up a new VH:D fanfic.
12 September 2003 - Got my Art Gallery squared away, for the most part. If you happen to have any suggestions for the Trading Post or the Tutorial, let me know. :)
16 July 2003 - Second Anniversary! (I don't know if it really is or not). The full Mirella's Star story is up, and I added a title pic to the Art Gallery. Hope it looks cool! :) I also added a trading post. Kinda an experiment...
23 June 2003 - Decided to post the humor "Three Thieves".
7 June 2003 - Wheels & Wings IV is finally here! A big round of applause to Vathara for beta reading it for me!
30 April 2003 - Added another fanfiction I redid back in January, Vampire Hunter D: The White Witch.
31 March 2003 - I added some specially-picked-out links to my Drawing Tutorial, which should hopefully help out beginning artists, myself included. ;)
17 March 2003 - Happy St. Patrick's Day! Two new drawing FAQ's and an official drawing tutorial here! I also gave my art galleries a little division. I hope that makes browsing 'em a little easier on the eyes.
28 February 2003 - I added thumbnails because there was a comment that my site loaded slowly. I hope I've managed to speed up the process. Please, if there are any other suggestions, feel free to make them!
26 February 2003 - I added a place where you can ask all your drawing and writing questions here!
23 September 2002 - New Gargoyles Fanfiction. Wheels and Wings Story 3: The Egg.
29 June 2002 - The official Viper Fanfiction site is up and running. If you have a story or know someone who does, pass the word.

The Ultimate Pursuit of Justice...  

10 February 2002 - I joined three more web rings: Legends of Fantasy, The Drawing Ring, and the Ultimate Sci-Fi/Fantasy Webring.

7 January 2002 - The Evil Overlady poll closed with Demona the winner. Congrats, Gargoyles fans!

19 July 2001 - I've made a site for Godzilla: The Series fans! See My Godzilla.

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